A note about ingredients: I do not use any artificial ingredients; this means no food coloring. I can 'dye' food naturally using fruit based ingredients which produce lighter and softer shades of pink/purple/blue etc. The only exception is anything labeled "funfetti" which I can create using either regular sprinkles or all natural (less vibrant) sprinkles.

Catering & Personal Chef Services

Please call or email for quote.

Each event is unique and deserves a uniquely curated experience!

I cater all events from weddings to intimate dinners, birthday parties to corporate lunches. According to  the type of event I provide sample menu ideas curated to your tastes and offer free tastings before you commit (for events over 50 persons).

I use only whole, NATURAL, in season ingredients (organic upon request), nothing artificial in any of my food so everything is as good for you as it tastes!

Cake Pricing

Cake pricing is based on size, flavor and design. Please contact us for a detailed quote for your event.


Standard Cakes

have 3 layers and are approximately 10 cm in height (excluding topping)

6 inch (up to 10 - 12 serves) from $70.00

8 inch (up to 15 - 20 serves) from $100.00

Tall Cakes

have 5-6 layers and are approximately 20 cm in height (excluding topping)

6 inch (approx 20 - 30 serves) from $100.00

8 inch (approx 20 - 50 serves) from $150.00

2-3 Tiered Cakes/Wedding Cakes ($4/slice)

$250 minimum. Please inquire.

Additional $50 delivery and set up fee required with all tiered cakes.

Popular Cake Flavors


Raspberry lambic


Brown butter 

Chocolate Chip



Chocolate Mud

Earl Gray

Mint Chocolate Chip


Blueberries and Cream


Sweet Corn

Chai Spice


Mocha Mud

White Chocolate Mud

Amaretto White Chocolate Cheesecake

2 flavors may be selected for tall and tiered cakes

Popular Filling Flavors

All cakes filled with buttercream flavor of your choice - here are some popular options:


Lemon Curd


Passion Fruit Curd

Pistachio/Hazelnut Praline paste


Salted Caramel

Graham cracker


Pumpkin Ganache

Brown Butter

Peanut Butter

Liquid Cheesecake

Sweet Ricotta

White Chocolate Ganache

Various Cookie Butters: oreo, shortbread, strawberry, speculoos



$4/each --- Seasonal 4" tarts/galettes (5 minimum), single large tarts (8"-10") upon request

$3.50/each--- Bars (1 dozen minimum), popular bars include, chocolate chunk blondie, chocolate frosted fudge brownie, shortbread with lemon or rhubarb curd, pecan bars, snickerdoodle bars, cherry chocolate blondie, magic cookie bars, fudge brownie with peanut butter frosting

$2.50/each --- Macarons , assorted flavors and fillings (2 dozen minimum)

$3.50/each --- Mini bundts (lemon/lavender, chocolate, ricotta mint chocolate chip) (1 dozen minimum)

$2.50/each --- Cookies (1 dozen minimum), popular flavors included, chocolate chunk, Chinese 5 spice brownie cookie

$3.50/each --- Cookie Sandwiches (1 dozen minimum), popular flavors include, chocolate with malted milk filling, funfetti with funfetti filling, chocolate brownie cookie with peanut butter buttercream

$2.50/ each --- Pate Choux puffs, assorted fillings (1 dozen minimum)

$3.00/each --- Mini loaf cakes, assorted flavors (5 minimum)

$2.00/each --- Seasonal Biscotti (1 dozen minimum)

$3.50/each --- Cupcakes  (1 dozen minimum), flavors include but are not limited to: chocolate, vanilla (best you've ever had), fudge brownie, snickerdoodle, raspberry pistachio, coconut, almond joy, peanut butter, mint chocolate chip, lemon drizzle, the BEST strawberry

Pavlova- layer cakes and trifles

Pricing upon consultation

Popular fillings and flavors:

Layers of white pav with white chocolate amaretto cream, vinsanto poached peaches and marcona almonds

Layers of chocolate pav with cajeta caramel cream and sliced strawberries.

Cappucino Pavlova (coffee flavored) with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Please inquire about any items or sizes not listed to create a custom quote!

Assorted Pies


$3.50/hand pie (1 dozen minimum)

Popular fillings and flavors according to season:

Rhubarb & Peach or Strawberry Rhubarb

Apple/Apple Caramel

Peach & blackberry


Chocolate Chess


Pumpkin Spice

Bourbon Pecan, the best pecan pie you've ever had!

All butter pie dough with your choice of flour: rye ($5 supplement) or all purpose

Breads/Yeasted treats

$2/each fluffiest pita bread (1 dozen minimum)

Your choice of all purpose flour or combination of all purpose & whole wheat

$3/each mini NY style everything bagels (8oz, scallion schmear +$6)

$3/each brown butter cinnamon rolls, blueberry lemon rolls, strawberry rolls

$2/each strawberry beignets with strawberry powdered sugar

$2/each cheddar & scallion buttermilk biscuits, chocolate chip biscuits, plain buttermilk biscuits

$3/each brown butter and pecan scones, blueberry lemon scones, raspberry scones, mulberry scones

$10 large rustic Sourdough Loaf (feeds 10-15), many flavors, cranberry walnut, chocolate hazelnut, rosemary, roasted garlic and chive

$2/each hamburger buns

$2/each english muffins

$2/each cinnamon sugar popovers

$15 large 12x15 focaccia loaf, any flavor (rosemary, lemon, kalamata, tomato and onion etc.)

$8 half size focaccia, any flavor